Sugary Drinks Increase the Chance of Death in Colorectal Cancer

sugary drinks

A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that the consumption of drinks with a high content of sugar increases the chances of getting colon cancer and of dying from it.

According to Eat This, Not That, the study showed that sugar-sweetened drinks contributed to a higher incidence of cancer located in the first two segments of the colon, while it also increased the risk of mortality due to the disease.

The study was performed by a team of researchers from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and it included 120,000 participants. The authors of the study analyzed information regarding the connection between the number of colorectal cancer cases and deaths, and the dietary choices of the study participants, especially the frequency with which they consumed sugary drinks.

The results of the study were pretty straightforward

Researchers stated that “SSB (sugar-sweetened beverages) and total fructose consumption were associated with increased incidence and mortality of proximal colon cancer, particularly during later stages of tumorigenesis. Although requiring confirmation in other large cohorts, these observational data support findings from a recent animal study that suggested a direct tumor-enhancing role of dietary sugars in colorectal tumorigenesis.”

The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened drinks, as they not only lead to weight gain and obesity, which are dangerous for our health, but also to a wide range of cancers. This is yet another study that shows just how damaging sugary drinks are to our health. Apart from colorectal cancer, they have also been linked to increasing the risk of liver, pancreatic and endometrial cancer, among others.

The AICR also recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle for lowering the risk of any type of cancer. This includes a balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and legumes, avoiding processed food, limiting the intake of sugary drinks and alcohol, as well as being physically active on a regular basis.

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