Strava is Now Available to Spotify: What Features to Expect?

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Great news for Strava users: the fitness app is finally rolling out on Spotify! This week, one of the most popular fitness trackers for the iPhone and Apple Watch, Strava, will get a major upgrade, one that we waited for almost a decade. Soon, we will be able to interact with Spotify tracks straight from Strava, making everything work even smoother.

Mateo Ortega, Strava’s vice president of partnerships, released a statement explaining:

We’re excited to partner with a global leader like Spotify to seamlessly integrate music and movement on the platform[…]; this new feature further solidifies Strava’s position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?! But wait until you see what features Strava has on Spotify.

Strava x Spotify Features and Other Details

According to Strava, Spotify is fully integrated into the most recent version of the beloved fitness app. Such a thing makes things easier and smoother, and users may browse and listen to their favorite Spotify music while using Strava. How cool is that?!

And there’s more!

For those who just love their podcasts and audiobooks, the integration also functions perfectly! Users can also “simply tap into the inspiration that gets them going,” thanks to the new functionality. As for the offline features (for those who are not familiar with this fitness app), Strava comes with a multitude of options, including something called “statmaps,” which color-code your exercise maps according to variables like speed, pace, heart rate, elevation, power, and, of course, time. And if you want to come up with a sleek leaderboard to compete with your friends, just use the feature known as Segments. The in-app experience is definitely worth trying at least once!

Do you use Strava? How important is it for you that the fitness trackers and apps are integrated with your favorite streaming services?

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