Stop-Motion Video Shows Dragon Ball Fighters Battling The Avengers


Piccolo, Vegeta, and Master Roshi are indeed strong Dragon Ball characters. They have surely proven that once again during the Tournament of Power arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

The Dragon Ball franchise continues with the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, the Dragon Ball Super manga, and last but not least: the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that’ll see its premiere tomorrow, June 11. During these continuations, the Z warriors remain very active and willing to take on the big foes out there. But would they be strong enough for The Avengers?

As you can easily conclude from the video, only Vegeta loses during the confrontations between the Z warriors and The Avengers. Both Master Roshi and Piccolo are victorious.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga continues the struggle against Gas

The Dragon Ball Super Manga still has the battle against Gas under the spotlight, meaning a powerful foe who wished for supreme power from the Eternal Dragon. Goku and Vegeta struggle to defeat him, and the end of the arc seems to be anyone’s guess at this point.

The story involved Bardock as well in some flashbacks. Goku’s father had confronted Gas for himself many years ago. Also, Bardock saved Granolah’s mother. It took a significant amount of time for Granolah to realize that Goku and Vegeta weren’t to blame for the death of his mother.

Until we ever get to find out what will happen with Gas, all eyes of Dragon Ball fans are set on the upcoming movie, which is known as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The film will prove to the world once again that the Z warriors can still do a good job at taking down the biggest threat without the help of Goku and Vegeta. The two beloved Saiyans had been the main protagonists for a long time, and now it’s time for Gohan and Piccolo to shine.



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