Sony and Honda Launch Afeela EV Concept Car and It Looks Incredible!

Credit: Sony

Sony and Honda teamed up for the most ambitious project this year: an electric car. At CES 2023, the companies launch the Afeela EV concept; by the looks of it, it’ll be serious competition for other car manufacturers!

Discover Sony and Honda’s story behind the new EV concept and learn more about it below!

Afeela EV Concept: Sony and Honda’s Dream Car

At the heart of this mobility experience is the word ‘feel,’ said Sony Honda Mobility chief executive Yasuhide Mizuno.

Back in March 2022, the legendary electronics and automotive companies Honda and Sony startled the world by announcing their collaboration to create a battery-powered SUV. Few knew how inspiring their project would turn out to be!

Less than a year after being revealed, Sony Honda Mobility entered the CES 2023 stage to introduce its prototype: the Afeela EV Concept.

What’s best at Afeela is definitely the spurge of sensors, besides the design, which is pretty sleek but could’ve been more innovative. But as Mizuno explained, the car’s primary focus will highly be on sensing and interacting with individuals.

Check out below a photo describing each sensor Sony and Honda’s EV concept car come with:

Credit: Sony

The car will have 14 exterior cameras (a total of 45), according to Sony executives, and a grille-mounted “Media Bar” that will show important charging and vehicle information. These features, according to the two companies, “allow intelligent mobility to express itself to surrounding people using light, enabling interactive communication between mobility and people.”

In order to create interfaces for the car, the companies are also collaborating with Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, on its Unreal Engine graphics technology. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Other automakers, including General Motors, have also utilized Unreal Engine’s technology, using it in the Hummer EV. There will definitely be a ton of entertainment alternatives in the automobile, and we can’t wait to find out more!

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