Shiny Tentacool in Pokemon GO: Spawn Places and How to Get It?


Tentacool, a Kanto-region Pokémon that looks like a jellyfish, may be captured in the wild by players of Pokémon Go. The best thing is that Tentacool has a Shiny appearance as well! Taking into consideration its abilities and features, this adorable-looking Pokémon may be an excellent addition to your Pokedex. Even more exciting is the revelation that a Shiny Tentacool exists somewhere in the Pokemon Go ‘verse. Are you looking for a Shiny Tentacool in Pokemon Go but not sure where to look?

We have developed a handy little guide on how likely it is that you will come across Tentacool and have the opportunity to update it. Have a look at it down below!

What is Tentacool’s Shiny Rate in Pokémon Go?

Tentacool can be obtained rather easily in Pokemon Go, which is a fortunate development. That is to say, undoubtedly, the opportunity will come to you very quickly. According to the findings of certain studies, the chance of seeing a shiny Pokémon on a typical day is about one in 500. Things could’ve turned out far worse!

It has not been established that Tentacool is a Pokémon that receives something known as a “permaboost,” which indicates that it is a rare spawn and, as a result, receives an increased shine rate. However, if we have faith that there will be more opportunities for us, we will be able to overcome anything.

Despite the fact that Tentacool and Tentacruel cannot be used in PvE or PvP content, hunters of shiny items will still be interested in obtaining these wonderful versions of ‘mon.

How to Catch a Tentacool in Pokemon Go?

During the Spotlight Hour this week, there will be a Tentacool that has ideal IV stats, making it a wonderful chance to capture one! You may take advantage of the extra that is offered during Spotlight Hour this week, which is double the amount of candy that can be transferred. Be sure that nothing important slips your mind, and bring your top-notch abilities and plans with you!

Which of the Pokemon Go experiences during the Spotlight Hour do you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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