Debunking the Claims of Samsung Faking Moon Shots on Galaxy S23 Ultra

Credit:, Ponciano

Because of its increased software capabilities and expanded digital zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been promoted as a smartphone that is capable of taking photos that seem like they were taken on the moon. On the other hand, a recent post on Reddit said that the photographs of the moon landing were manufactured by adding elements that did not exist with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

These accusations have been rejected by Samsung, which also clarified that in order to process moon photographs obtained by its Galaxy camera phones, the company employs a number of different algorithms. The Scene Optimizer is the tool that is initially utilized by the gadget in order to improve the shot of the moon. In the second part of the process, you will use the Super Resolution mode to snap many pictures of the moon at a magnification setting of 25x or greater, and then you will finally combine all of these individual frames into a single photograph.

In addition to this, Samsung makes use of an AI deep learning model in order to determine whether or not the object that the camera is pointing at is the moon. The neural network was educated using pictures of the moon in all of its many phases and appearances. In addition, Samsung notes that the Scene Optimizer makes use of AI-driven deep learning to cut down on background noise and improve the overall output.

Nevertheless, Samsung notes that there will be situations in which the moon will not be identified. These include when the moon is blocked by clouds or when there is not enough light shining on it, such as during the new moon phase. So, in order for the Scene Optimizer to function properly, an intelligent detection of a moon is required.

In addition to this, the camera will continually adjust the focus as well as the brightness of the entire image in order to provide a more distinct view of the moon. The former is made possible by utilizing both the optical and the digital picture stabilization features that are built into the phone.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is able to take pictures of the moon thanks to a combination of enhanced digital zoom, software advancements, and AI-based algorithms that are included in the device. In spite of the fact that some people have asserted that the moon photos are forgeries, Samsung has debunked these allegations and provided an in-depth explanation of the technology that was utilized to obtain these pictures.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.