Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 Update – Improvements, Features and Anticipated Price

We all know or at least heard about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series. Soon, the famous company will release their newest Smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 and we are here to give you more exclusive details in association with OnLeaks.

Exclusive Colours

As it can be noticed in these exclusive photographs, the newest Samsung’s Smartwatch is provided with a new design for the frame along with new band fasteners and a circular dial. Coming in four different colours, such as black, silver, green, gold, and two sizes, more precisely 40mm or 44mm, the new Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch 4 will have a different shape regarding its buttons. Its strap will fit the entire space and the Smartwatch will be made out of aluminum.


If it would be to talk about its features, the new Smartwatch is provided with the new Tizen WearOS based on Google Wear’s browser. Nourished by a 5nm processor, the Galaxy Active 4 will be designed and provided with tight bezels and will be guarded by a 2D glass.

Release Date

The latest smartwatch in Samsung’s line-up will overcome its successor. We wait for this new Samsung Galaxy Active 4 to come out at the end of this month, during the MWC event, which will take place in person this year.

Anticipated Price

The price for the highly anticipated Samsung Smartwatch 4 is estimated between $400, but more properly, its final price will be known in June. And now, what about you? Let us know what do you think about this new version of the Samsung Smart Watch? Are you waiting for this launch? Would you take into consideration to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4?

William Reid
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