Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Tesla Phone Pi – Can Elon Musk’s Company Create a Better Phone?

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It’s just a matter of time until Tesla impresses the world with its upcoming Tesla Phone Pi device, and we’re eager to see if it can offer something better than what the upcoming flagship of the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world is capable of. We can realistically expect a powerful flagship, but Tesla isn’t the only company that will release mind-blowing smartphones in the near future. Samsung will also bring the Galaxy S23 lineup to the market, and we can also expect the best from that gadget.

Judging by the information we have at this point, Tesla Phone Pi will launch in December or next year in April, while Samsung is expected to keep the custom and release its next flagship in early 2023, most probably in late February.

While we shared a comparison between the Tesla Phone Pi and the iPhone 14 Pro Max a few days ago, we’ll be doing the same in the case of the Tesla Phone Pi vs. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra battle!

So far, very few to none of the specs for the Tesla Phone Pi and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have been confirmed, which means that you should still take the following comparison with a huge grain of salt! The rumored specs would be analyzed rather than any official ones, so let’s cut to the chase and talk about the comparison of the guys from the ‘Spec World’ YouTube channel!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is better at recording videos

The rear camera setup of the Galkaxy S23 Ultra will be capable of recording videos up to 8K and @60 FPS. While the video recording capabilities of the Tesla Phone Pi are also not bad at all, the future phone of Elon Musk’s company is capable of also recording videos up to 8K quality, but at only @30 FPS.

As for the rest of the two rear cameras’ capabilities, they aren’t to neglect at all, regardless of which one of the two phones we’re talking about. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely to have a Main Wide camera of 200MP, and three other sensors of 12MP each: the P. Telephoto, Telephoto, and Ultrawide snappers.

Tesla will be featuring a 108 Main Wide camera on the rear setup, a 50MP P. Telephoto lens, a 50MP Ultrawide sensor, and a 5MP Macro sensor.

Therefore, it’s hard to tell which one of the upcoming phones has the better rear camera, although Samsung’s device clearly wins in the video recording area and it has a 200MP main camera that will turn out to be very tempting for those willing to buy the product.

Tesla Phone Pi has the better selfie camera

Sporting a front camera of 48MP, Tesla’s future phone clearly wins this round. Samsung’s S23 Ultra will likely be carrying a 40MP sensor in the front. Surely some people can say here that 8MP cannot be such a big difference, and maybe they’re right. But we’re talking pure specs here, not anybody’s preferences.

As for the video recording capabilities of the two front cameras, they’re the same: up to 4K/@60FPS.

Prices: Tesla wins!

If you’re looking for the better price, Tesla’s Phone Pi wins the round, as it will cost about $999. Its competitor will be worth 250 bucks more, which is clearly a significant difference.

The battle between Tesla Phone Pi and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is surely very tight if the specs will indeed be the ones that we’re talking about in this article. Both phones are equipped with amazing features, such as IP68 water resistance, powerful batteries of 5,000mAh, fingerprint sensors that are placed under the displays, the Android 13 OS out of the box, powerful processors (Snapdragon 8 Gen2 on 4nm), and more.


The winner of the confrontation, based on 32 factors, is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra! The upcoming device of the South Korean giant has gathered 26 points compared to the 25 that the Tesla phone has won.

However, only time will tell for sure which one of the two gadgets is the better smartphone, so stay tuned for future news!


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