Samsung Galaxy A03 Update: One UI Core 4.1 & Android 12

Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy A03s has received the Android 12 update from Samsung. One UI Core 4.1 is now available for the entry-level smartphone in Serbia. The Galaxy A03s will soon be updated to Android 12 in more regions.

Using the A037FXXU1BVFB firmware, the Galaxy A03s Android 12 upgrade may be installed on the phone. A security update for June 2022 has been released to address more than 60 privacy and security flaws. Those in Serbia with a Galaxy A03s may now do so through Settings » Software update, pressing on Download and install, and then their phone will be upgraded to Android 12.

The One UI Core 4.1 upgrade to Android 12 for the Galaxy A03 includes the following new features:

  • With the Privacy Dashboard, privacy indications for active camera and microphone use, and simple setting toggles to switch on/off camera and mic access throughout the system, Samsung has made significant strides in improving privacy and security. If you want to be alerted when an app attempts to copy data from your clipboard, you may choose to give it an exact or approximate location.
  • The new version of Samsung Keyboard includes additional stickers, GIFs, moving emoji pairings, and Grammarly-powered linguistic recommendations. Improved accessibility features have been provided by Samsung. A floating button has been added to make them easier to find. There are now more choices to adjust the brightness, colour, contrast, and enlargement of the image.
  • When you press the shutter button on the camera app, the video begins to record immediately. In the past, when you pressed and released the shutter button, the camera began recording video. Level indications have been added to the Camera app’s Pro mode. A new widget has been added to the Calendar app. You can rapidly create calendar entries, search more effectively, share information with others, and recover lost events using this application.
  • An image’s location may be shown on a map in the Gallery app, which enhances the narrative you can tell with your photos. It’s now easier to organize and categorize your picture albums, retouch blurry or ancient images, and erase sensitive data from a picture. Even many photographs may be selected and edited at the same time.
  • The Color Palette functionality has been added to the new software’s UI design. Certain UI components take on the color scheme of the wallpaper you’ve selected. There are even more lock screen widgets now, as well as larger brightness & volume sliders and a nicer Dark Mode. On the lock screen, you may adjust the audio output destination.


Susan Kowal
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