Samsung Announces a New Powerful Gaming Monitor: The Odyssey G9 2021 Model

If you remember the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor that was released last year, it means you have great taste in technology. High-end gaming requires a high refresh rate and resolution, while curvatures represent a great bonus. That’s the recipe that the Odyssey G9 monitor was made by, but there’s always room for more when it comes to gaming gears.

According to, Samsung announced the successor to last year’s monitor: the Odyssey G9 2021 model. If you’re looking for Quantum MiniLED technology in order to get improved brightness and more, it means you must try out the 2021 version of Odyssey G9.

Built by listening to consumers

YouTube channel Fixo Tech TV shows a presentation of the new gaming monitor from Samsung:

The description writes:

The 2021 Samsung Odyssey Gaming monitor will come with Quantum Matrix Technology built-in for the first time.

The screen is made of Quantum MiniLEDs and has 1000 Radius curved shape.

It also features a high refresh rate of up to 240Hz.

A Samsung spokesperson stated:

In 2020, the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor generated a lot of buzz–this year, Samsung is leveling up the experience with a Quantum MiniLED display and premium gaming features. The 1000R screen curvature, combined with Quantum MiniLED display technology, gives gamers an experience unlike any other. The new G9 joins Samsung’s full lineup of curved and flat Odyssey gaming monitors.

Running top games like FIFA 21, Far Cry 5, or the latest Call of Duty titles on such beauty must surely be an unforgettable experience. Gaming evolved tremendously in the latest years, and the monitors need to keep up. Sniper Elite 5 is one of the upcoming and most-wanted games, and we can expect it to be very demanding when it comes to the hardware of the platforms it will run on.

We’re eagerly waiting to see how high-end games will run on the Odyssey G9 2021 monitor from Samsung!

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