Red Dead Redemption 3: Could There Be Multiple Playable Characters?

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Like Grand Theft Auto 5, a fan recently proposed an intriguing idea for Red Dead Redemption 3: having the game’s view swap between three protagonists. Each game in the Red Dead Redemption series has focused on a distinct member of the criminal Van der Linde gang, with the first 2010 game following John Marston as he tracks down his former comrades in exchange for the safety of his family, and the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, focusing on Arthur Morgan as he escapes the law and other foes during the collapse of the Old West.

What if RDR3 was like GTA5 with character switching between Hosea, Dutch, and Arthur? from reddeadredemption

Fans are understandably curious as to what Rockstar may have in store for them in a third installment in the open-world western series Red Dead Redemption, given that the two current games are among the highest-selling and most highly praised video games in recent memory. The location and plot of Red Dead Redemption 3 have been the subject of much debate, as many have pointed out that picking up the tale after the actions of Red Dead Redemption 2 could be difficult since that game took place towards the end of the Old West. Some fans have suggested that Red Dead Redemption 3 take place on the Oregon Trail, while others have suggested that it take place on the west coast of the United States during the California Gold Rush. Both of these places would be appropriate for the cowboy-centric Red Dead Redemption series.

Reddit user Double-Back-B recently submitted a creative solution to the issue of who would be conducting the exploration in Red Dead Redemption 3 on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit. Like Grand Theft Auto V, they speculate that Red Dead Redemption 3 will have numerous playable characters. Players will switch between younger versions of Hosea and Arthur, as well as their former gang boss Dutch van der Linde. Although some commenters on Double-Back-article B’s think that having many leads would be a fascinating approach to keep telling the tale of the Van der Linde gang and give various gameplay approaches for every character, some feel that doing so would not suit the Red Dead Redemption titles as it succeeds in for Grand Theft Auto.

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