Recent Apple Update is Draining the Batteries of iPhones Very Fast

Plenty of iPhone users are accusing Apple of releasing a faulty software update, one that causes the battery life of the smartphones to drain very fast. Therefore, if you have an iPhone that consumes its battery in mere hours, although it was just fully charged, it might be because of the iOS 14.6 update that came out on May 24.

The New York Post reveals the information about Apple’s new faulty update. Apple clients started to complain about the problem on the Cupertino-based company’s Community Forum and on Twitter.

A user wrote, “after iOS 14.5 and 14.6 updates, my device has been awful. Mostly the battery life. But iOS 14 was a TOTAL TRAIN WRECK.”

“I began having battery performance trouble after the 13.5.1 update last summer, and after the 14.6 update finally accepted that Apple doesn’t intend to fix this issue for existing phones, and had the battery replaced. Nothing else I tried helped, but this seems to have worked,” tweeted @Acquired Expertise.

Apple responded, saying, “We can understand wanting more battery life and can assist with what you’re seeing. Which model iPhone are you using? If you check Settings > Battery > Battery Health, what number is there? Let us know in DM, please, and we’ll continue there.”

iPhone 13 is coming out this fall

iPhone 13 will be released by Apple somewhere in September, and hopefully, it won’t be affected by any battery draining issues. The upcoming flagship will be equipped with improved battery life due to a more efficient 5G modem. The cameras will likely represent the highlights of the device, and Apple will have the chance to please its customers even more.

Apple remains on top when it comes to the most successful smartphone manufacturers. Along with Samsung and Huawei, Apple remains in the ‘Big Three’ of smartphone giants.

Cristian Antonescu
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