PS4/PS5 Compatibility Trick: You Only Need A Jailbroken PS4

Credit: Kamil S on Unsplash

An intriguing method for dumping the data of PlayStation 5 games has been revealed by @canaltecniqueza, a member of the scene. The method utilizes a PS4/PS5 compatibility hack and requires the assistance of a PS4 that has been jailbroken. Although there’s really not much you can do with this in a practical sense at the moment, it is still another method to explore the material of the PS5 system. The method consists mostly of putting an external PS5 drive into a PS4, and then accessing the disk over FTP on the PS4.

1- get a hd format on ps5 as extended

2- move the content to the extended hd

3- connect the hd to the ps4 jailbreak

4- open ftp and you will see and be able to copy the files

According to Tecniqueza, there is also a “reverse” technique that is available, which allows games to be copied through FTP to the PS5 external drive, and then the games may be moved to the internal memory of the PS5. There have been reports indicating that this method is effective, suggesting that it might provide users with a means to back up their PS5 games.

Remember that the titles will not run if you do not hold the correct license for them; hence, those of you who are anticipating that this would lead to any type of piracy will be disillusioned in your expectations. There are a few places that don’t seem to call for a special license, such Demos or, rumor has it, Astro’s playhouse. These are the outliers.

1- download files .. inside has the astroboot game

2- format an external hard drive as extended on ps5

3- connect the hd to the ps4 jailbreak

4- open ftp and go to mmt/ext0 and copy the files there

5- disconnect the ps4 hd and connect to ps5

6- move the game to the ps5 internal memory and see if it works! https://1fichier. com/?3x2hq0oijulegv35ojqb

Susan Kowal
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