Professors Exempt From Getting Vaccinated Will Receive Non-Class Activities In NYC

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A referee decided that NYC must provide teachers with some out-of-class religious and medical exceptions after the teachers’ union contended that the City’s demand of vaccination for all personnel of schools — teachers, administrators, and other staff, was too harsh.

“As a group, teachers have overwhelmingly supported the vaccine, but we have members with medical conditions or other reasons for declining vaccination. After our demand for independent arbitration, the City backed off its initial position that all unvaccinated personnel is removed from payroll, and will offer out-of-classroom work for those with certified medical or other conditions,” declared Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federations for Teachers.

Professors may apply until September 20 for religious and medical exceptions. The arbitrator explained the procedure for the determination of authorized medical derogations and observed that religious waiver must be given by religious leaders in writing — and demands for any faiths where religious officials have urged vaccinations will be refused. Moreover,  personal, political, or philosophical opinions are not a basis for exclusions. The City will now establish a vacation procedure and a termination agreement for those educators who believe they cannot respect the vaccine obligation, according to Mulgrew.

School staff that is not applying for medical or religious exemptions but do not have at least one dose of vaccination by September 27 are deleted by September 28 but can either quit until November 30 or take a prolonged unpaid vacation until September 5, 2022, and they will have their health insurance for the year.  If you receive at least one shot of vaccination while on unpaid leave, you can go back to your school.

While state schools open this Monday, the City does not have online schooling alternatives, which has upset the parents of children who are medically susceptible. The government of de Blasio has underlined that students must go to schools for the social aspect of regular learning. While the City has not yet enforced immunization for kids 12 years of age, students in the sports league or other extracurricular activities, such as theater or cheerleading, should be vaccinated.

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