Mind-Blowing Rumour: Frieza Will Be the Next Major Villain in Dragon Ball Super

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Goku and Vegeta currently have a lot of headaches battling Granolah in the manga version of Dragon Ball Super, meaning a member of a race eradicated long ago by the Saiyan Prince. Granolah sees only revenge as an option, and he’s not up to discuss too much about it, although we all know that Vegeta is not the evil person he was before.

Granolah gathered the dragon balls to wish for becoming stronger, and the Eternal Dragon granted his wish. Thus, Granolah became likely the most powerful villain that Goku and Vegeta ever had to face. But even so, another major threat could be waiting and setting up a major diabolical plan from the shadows. You may have heard about him: his name is Frieza.

Frieza could become stronger than ever

A major rumor circulates across the web now: the mighty lord Frieza could become the next supervillain in Dragon Ball Super. There are some reasons why it might be true, if we think about it a bit. First of all, he’s a lot stronger than he was back in the day of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Frieza can now easily compete with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and let’s admit it: Dragon Ball never had a problem in making characters a lot stronger overnight if needed.

It’s pretty amazing how Frieza managed to keep up in strength with Goku and Vegeta. The former tyrant achieved his “Golden” form after training for just a little while. It was stated back in early Dragon Ball Super that Frieza was born with his huge power. Therefore, he can become insanely strong with just a little training. This means that Frieza should easily be able to compete with Goku at his Ultra Instinct level if he just, well, do some more pushups and drink more orange juice.

If the Zenkai boost of the Saiyans is amazing, as the members of this race naturally get stronger every time they get beaten up or are close to death, the “Frieza boost” seems to be even more terrifying. When Frieza was brought back from Hell for a day to fight in the Tournament of Power, he once again became a lot stronger than before because of the pain he suffered in the afterlife. Teddy bears singing songs of joy acted like horrible torture for Frieza but also made him stronger. Therefore, if Krillin sings Frieza a karaoke song, the former intergalactic tyrant could probably become invincible!

Frieza needs his revenge on Goku

We all know how powerful is the burning desire of Vegeta to become stronger than his old rival Goku. But Frieza’s ambition is even stronger, as he not only wants to surpass the beloved Saiyan in strength. Frieza wants to kill Goku at all cost, and it’s “understandable”. Goku not only humiliated Frieza in battle long ago while the two were fighting on Namek in the longest Dragon Ball fight ever. That battle lasted for 19 episodes, and Goku won fair and square. Although the Saiyan didn’t want to kill Frieza, hurting his ego was the biggest victory.

Ending in glory

Frieza could not only become the next major villain of Dragon Ball Super. He could also be the last. The manga version has to come to an end sooner or later, just as any other thing in this world. But enough philosophy for now… Let’s not forget that Frieza was the very first major villain of Dragon Ball Z. And come to think of it, he might have been the first major villain in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Back when Goku was just a child, he had to confront some pretty powerful foes for their time, such as Mercenary Tao or King Piccolo. But those dudes were light-years weaker than Frieza. Besides, Frieza was an intergalactic tyrant who eradicated the Saiyan race long ago, except for just a few who managed to escape: Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz. Frieza also had a powerful army by his side. What else could this guy possibly do to deserve the title of the first major villain in Dragon Ball?

Therefore, the writers of Dragon Ball Super might decide to end the manga (and the anime, when it will return) with the same major villain from the very beginning of the franchise: Frieza. In the Dragon Ball Super anime, Frieza has been pretty important throughout the show. Not only that the former intergalactic tyrant has been revived to threaten to destroy the Earth once again. He was also recruited by Goku from Hell to fight in the Tournament of Power for saving the entire Universe from getting erased. Frieza performed well, which is why he was fully restored to life by Beerus.

Whether Frieza will indeed be the next major villain in the Dragon Ball Super manga or not, it’s obvious that he can do a lot more dirty work in the series since he has been fully revived from the dead. We’ve already seen a glimpse of his evil character in the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie, but the former tyrant is capable of much more than that.

What do you think about the recent rumor? Do you see Frieza being able to compete with Goku or Vegeta at this point? Both Saiyans have achieved new transformations that far surpass the Super Saiyan Blue. Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section!

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