Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gets the ‘Elden Ring’ Crossover

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The Pokemon games are usually role-playing titles that follow the adventures of a young trainer who travels through the fictional Pokemon world, catching and battling with creatures called Pokemon.

One of the things that makes Pokemon games special is their emphasis on collecting and battling with a wide variety of unique Pokemon creatures. Each Pokemon game features a roster of hundreds of different Pokemon, each with its own unique appearance, abilities, and stats. Players can catch and train these Pokemon and use them to battle against other trainers and wild Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the game that came out this year for the Nintendo Switch handheld console, is not too far away from the description.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet x Elden Ring has arrived

The new crossover between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Elden Ring has already arrived for the fans to enjoy! For those unaware, Elden Ring is another popular game, an action role-playing title developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was announced back in 2019,  and it is set in a fantasy world and features action-based gameplay with elements of exploration and character progression.

To capture all 400 creatures in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players will need to trade with others as some Pokémon are only available in one version of the game. These creatures are recorded in the Palden Pokédex and can be caught by trainers determined to catch them all.

It is difficult to determine the most popular Pokemon video game, as the franchise has a long history and includes many different games that have been popular with different audiences. However, some of the most popular Pokemon games include Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Pokemon Rubby and Sapphire, and so on.

FromSoftware is also the studio behind popular games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne.


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