Pokemon Go’s Wooloo Spotlight Hour: Features, Bonus, and More

Source: Niantic

A new Spotlight Hour is now available in Pokemon Go, featuring the beloved ‘mon, Wooloo! The best part: you get the chance to catch this Galar Pokemon and grab some sleek bonuses.

Spotlight Hour is one of the best limited-time events in Pokemon Go, and while Wooloo might not be the strongest addition to your collection, you’ll still find it super useful!

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about the recent Spotlight Hour, including how to get ready for the event and how to catch Wooloo.

Pokemon Go’s Wooloo Spotlight Hour: Release Date

As we got used to, every Tuesday, every month, we get a new Spotlight Hour event for a single Pokemon.

The new Spotlight Hour is no exception, and we get to see the cute and funny Wooloo on August 31, from 6 PM to 7 PM.

The limited-time event will be available no matter where you are, so you better not miss it! Also, this is the last Spotlight Hour of August 2021. How cool is that?

Source: Niantic

Get Ready For Wooloo Spotlight Hour

As previously said, the limited-time event will be available for only 1 hour. If you want to prove your best and be ready for what’s up next, you can try the following:

  • Buy at least 2 Incense using Pokecoins;
  • Make some space in your Pokemon Storage Box for Wooloo;
  • Take as many Pokeballs as you can to catch many ‘mon;
  • Collect some Pokemon Candy for the Spotlight Hour Wooloo to evolve it.

Spotlight Hour Bonus

For the new Spotlight Hour limited-time event that’ll air on August 31, you’ll get quite the bonus: Double Evolution XP!

This bonus will apply to any ‘mon, not just the cute and funny Wooloo. So make sure you’ll get one to go wild and evolve as many Pokemon as you can during the Spotlight Hour.

Shiny Wooloo

Unfortunately, Wooloo doesn’t come with a Shiny version. But that’s all up to Niantic. Future events may bring a Shiny Wooloo, but until then, we enjoy what we get!

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