Pokemon GO (Samsung Galaxy Apps Edition) Version 0.195.2 Is Live With Major Improvements!

Pokemon GO is fantastic. It took the world by surprise when it was launched some years ago. The idea of using your phone as some sort of augmented-reality device to find and catch Pokemon was extremely pleasant, and it quickly became addictive for millions of users.

Many players found that the most common problem with Pokemon Go isn’t because of the game itself, but rather with their phones’ batteries dying out too quickly because of the heavy use of mobile data and GPS services.

Niantic takes good care of Pokemon GO and its fans, releasing new updates now and then fixing the minor mishaps experienced by some players.

The new update is dedicated for Pokemon GO players that got the game from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

These are the official patch notes that followed the update:

“- You can now GO Beyond level 40! Do you have what it takes?

– Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie and more Pokemon originally discovered in the Kalos region are now appearing in the wild! Have you caught one yet?

– Leveling up is now more fun than ever. Enjoy a double Catch XP bonus through the end of December! If you get to level 40 before 2021, the Legacy 40 medal will be yours.

– Improvements to the Egg inventory, AR Mapping tasks, and Pokemon HOME connectivity.”

As you can see, the new update brings various improvements and boosts so you can have even more fun playing the game.

Make sure that you keep the game updated to have access to all the latest goodies the developers put into the game!

William Reid
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