Pokemon Go: New Raid Mechanic Has Just Been Added

Credit: Niantic

Great news, Pokemon Go fans! Niantic has just added a new raid mechanic that’s so useful. Raids have recently become a source of stress for some Pokemon Go players. They have just stopped playing Remote Raids as a result of the changes made to them. As for in-person raiders, they’re also struggling to finish their matches without assistance from remote raiders. So, what’s new with this recently added mechanic?

The Campfire companion app has been improved by Niantic to make in-person raiding more accessible. Players may use this to locate nearby raids that are actively seeking new recruits to join the fight. To make it simpler than ever for trainers to determine if a Raid is worthwhile traveling to, Pokemon Go has recently released an update that enables users to observe when Raid lobbies are filling up from the overworld interface. Check out below all the details!

Pokemon Go’s New Raid Mechanic

Thanks to Reddit user Kaisonic discovered the function and informed the TheSilphRoad subreddit about the finding. We also have a cool snapshot of a raid in-game that revealed the countdown timer had been replaced by a user interface (UI), suggesting there were several people in the raid lobby at the moment. See it for yourself below:

New Raid Lobby Counter on Map
by u/Kaisonic in TheSilphRoad

But there’s a catch!

Trainers, though, questioned the update’s efficacy given that players only have two minutes to join a lobby once it is available. So, we actually won’t likely be able to get to the lobby in time to participate if they notice a raid filling up from a distance. Well, that’s quite disappointing, isn’t it?!

Other Pokemon Go players offered supportive comments, expressing their satisfaction with the update. One user said, “Actually, a good QOL update!” while another stated, “Sweet. Jesus. Actually, it’s a good thing.”

Despite the different reactions from some players, it’s good to see an update to raids that doesn’t involve a nerf!

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