Pokemon Go Might Add Goodra and Malamar Soon – What to Expect

Fresh leaks claim Pokemon Go will add a handful of new items and features soon! From brand-new rainy-based evolutions (we expect so much) to new rounds of lures. What are the chances to see Goodra or Malamar?

Despite debuting back in 2016, there are still many Kalos area ‘mon that need to arrive in Pokemon Go. The Goomy evolution line, for example, it’s one of the most anticipated Pokemon. 

Here is what you need to know.

Goodra and Malamar in Pokemon Go: Possible Updates

PokeMiners, the most popular dataminers, unveiled plenty of sleek updates that could be arriving at Pokemon Go. Should we get excited?

All the information has been shared on the dataminers’ forum, where they revealed special evolutions and new lures. Niantic might add as well a new “evolutions hint” feature to help us.

Check out the PokeMiners’ tweet:

Some features have been listed on their forum, including a Rainy Lure Module, Evolution Hints/Prompts, and mentions about upside-down evolution and evolving during rainy weather.

“Goomy Hype”

The leaks might be a reference to Gen VI’s Gloomy and Inkay’evolution, Malamar. But that’s not all.

We might get, too, new weather-based lures for Eeveelutions. We really need to see a change, so no more random evolutions!

Back in 2013, the X and Y’s Dragon-type Gloomy got a special feature that allowed players to see its final evolution, dubbed Goodra, during only rainy weather.

Malamar could be evolved only if we turned our consoles 3DS upside down while levelling up the all-cute Inkay. So, you can see why the new leaks might actually turn out to be true!

However, not everything is in for the grabs. The new batch of information released by dataminers is not guaranteed. 

In a way, it seems that Niantic has some intriguing plans to add to the game mechanics soon. But it’s better if you take everything with a pinch of salt.

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