Pokemon Go – Mewtwo Tips And Tricks Useful In July 2021

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Pokemon GO players need to step up their game in raids now that Mewtwo is a raid boss in Pokemon Go.

Mewtwo has a reputation for being highly overpowered in the original Generation 1, and Niantic made sure that it is just as powerful in Pokemon Go.

Mewtwo has a base attack of 300, which is a direct hint that you are dealing with a severe menace.

Mewtwo is so successful in battle mainly thanks to its moveset.

It learns half a dozen fantastic coverage charge moves.

When you look at the numbers directly, Mega Gengar is the best rival in a Mewtwo raid counter, as it has the fastest TTK thanks to its colossal Attack stat and the combination of Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

However, the problem of relying on Mega Gengar comes from the fact that it is a Ghost-type and Poison-type, which means that it will take immense damage from Mewtwo’s Psycho Cut and Psychic.

Due to that fact, the next best opponent is Shadow Mewtwo, which is often dubbed as the king of Pokemon Go thanks to its offensive godliness, and rapid TTW on Mewtwo while only using the Shadow Ball charge move.

However, though Shadow Mewtwo is exceptionally efficient, it isn’t a guaranteed winner.

There are also some more affordable alternatives, like Chandelure, which has a favorable TTW of 619.8 seconds.

Also, some other interesting choices are Hydreigon and Banette, two budget Pokemon that stand a chance against Mewtwo.

Though Hydreigon is a pseudo legendary that is hard to obtain sometimes, Banette is a common Ghost-type, making it a good choice thanks to its Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball set.

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