PlayStation Plus Free Games May Edition: Chivalry 2, Grid Legends, and Descenders

Credit: PlayStation Plus

The next round of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers has been finally announced by PlayStation right after a leak caused quite the buzz. Grid Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders will be soon available to PS Plus subscribers of all three tiers starting May 2, 2023. This is definitely the best news!

So, let’s delve into what PlayStation Plus has to offer this time around!

Descenders is a must-play in May for fans of extreme sports. The cycling game’s motto is simple: prove your best and ride your bike quickly. The mountain riding game offers quite the scenery, and the paths are randomly created to keep things more interesting. What’s best is how your bike may also take on unique variations using cool techniques. Playing Descenders online with others or by yourself could really be your thing this May! Descenders is definitely one of those sports games that’s actually really easy to understand why it is so great and catchy.

Now, dealing with another ‘verse, Chivalry 2 is a completely distinct genre of a multiplayer game. How so? With up to 64 other players, you can take the role of a medieval warrior over vast battlefields. Well, isn’t that awesome?! Chivalry 2 is a bit gory but also a quick-paced first-person game with more than 30 different weapons, a sub-class system, a rich class, and, of course, horses.

Last but not least, do we have any fans of racing out there? If so, you should certainly check out Grid Legends on PlayStation Plus! The fifth installment of the popular Grid franchise is possibly the greatest one yet. With a spicy and dramatic narrative mode, the chance to create your own songs, also a cross-platform multiplayer for up to 22 players, you just can’t say no to Grid Legends. It’s a terrific game to check out, even if you’re a casual player, thanks to its hybrid arcade-simulation racer.

What are your PlayStation Plus favorites this May?

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