Clash of Clans: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Credit: Supercell

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular titles in the history of mobile games. If you’re just starting off in this popular game, we’ve got some helpful hints and tips to help you avoid all the beginner’s mistakes:

Improved mining and resource extraction methods

Elixir and gold in Clash of Clans may initially be obtained via production using extractors and mines. At the beginning of the game, concentrate on upgrading your characters. Their output will increase as they are improved.

Don’t go all-out with your forces right away

To avoid a rookie error, don’t deploy all of your soldiers at once. Mortars, for example, are defensive structures that may do a lot of damage. A mortar strike might kill all of your troops if they’re sent out at once. Some soldiers can nevertheless take a lot of damage and serve as protection for the weaker members of the team.

Keep your Clash of Clans gems safe!

Gemstones are very uncommon and powerful materials. In Clash of Clans, they enable you to execute unique acts in your village, such as speeding up the building of your town hall or purchasing elixir or money, for example. You may also get employees with the help of gems, which are essential if you want to go further in the game.

You will get a package containing 25 jewels per week. Completing tasks or eliminating barriers in your community can net you more resources, although they are typical of little value. Additional items can only be purchased in-game with real money.

For this reason, you should try to conserve as many gems as possible until your sixth worker, at the earliest. You’ll only be prompted to spend gems early on in the game to expedite the construction of the first few structures.

Free Clash of Clans resources are also available.

Using the single-player attack mode, the publisher of Clash of Clans enables you to make a lot of gold and elixir without spending any money of your own. Goblin towns are chock-full of resources, and you may assault them in this mode. You’ll be able to replenish your supplies swiftly with only one assault on the goblin map.

It is possible to consume up all of the resources that are accessible there. If you choose to engage in the same battle once again, you will find that all of the resources you previously pillaged have been exhausted.

Resource reserves must be safeguarded.

Building and improving buildings for the production and storage of gold and elixir is essential. Defences are just as essential, if not more so. Other players may attack you while you’re away from your town, particularly if you have a lot of reserves. It’s best to safeguard the tanks if you can’t empty them completely by using them. Make sure you don’t pack the reserves together too tightly.

Target the town halls during attacks

At least one star is required to win a Clash of Clans fight. As a rule, you’ll come out ahead. You win a star when the damage done to an enemy jumps over 50%; Destruction of the town hall will get you another star, and you get the third star if you inflict 100% damage.

Remember that the town hall is the first place to go when you assault a player’s base. It is possible that you may not be able to achieve a minimum of 50% devastation on all settlements. You’ll have a better chance of gaining at least one star and winning your assault if you aim for the town hall.

Clash of Clans tips and methods like this one can help you win more often and fast climb the trophy ladder.

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