Peridot: Pet Simulation Game by Niantic is Now Available

Credit: Niantic

Peridot is a new pet simulation game by Niantic that looks so adorable! The game is now available for iOS and Android and is AR-based. Besides all the cute little animals, what’s great about Peridot is that it appears to represent a major technological advance over Niantic’s Pokemon GO, for example. Check out the official trailer below:

How cute are these little creatures?!

Peridot Gameplay and Features

The charming and brave Peridot, aka Dot, can be nurtured from a baby to an adult. That’s practically the game’s main objective, and it also assigns each player control of one mythical creature. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! According to Niantic, their goal is to ultimately launch  Peridot on future AR tech, such as wearable MR or AR glasses.

Pet them, teach them to walk, or just play with a Peridot. Each Dot has a fully distinct appearance and apparently “DNA” itself! Dots can communicate, too, if they’re hungry or if they want attention. That’s somehow similar to one of our childhood’s best games, Tamagotchi. When a Dot is satisfied, they’ll be happy and grow.

What are your thoughts about Peridot? Would you try such a fantastic pet simulation game?

Besides doing all of that, you can also try your hand at “diversifying the species” by mating adult Dots with those of other players to produce young Dots with fresh genomes. To do that, Niantic has come up with a social app dubbed Campfire. Peridot also features a thing known as Amazon Anywhere. That’ll allow you to integrate Amazon shopping to but any Peridot stuff you like for real!

Although Peridot is a free game, you’ll still need to purchase a $4.99 “Nest” (quite pricey!) in order to hatch each new Dot. It is unknown if future events or other actions will allow us to obtain some free Nests (fingers crossed!).


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