No Man’s Sky Will Become Available On Nintendo Switch In November

Credit: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky for the Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase on October 7, according to an announcement made by Hello Games.

It is going to be quite the technical achievement for Hello Games to adapt the enormous space-faring adventure game over to the handheld Nintendo Switch system. In 2016, upon its original release on PC and PlayStation 4, No Man’s Sky was met with considerable anger from the gaming community since the game did not have the features and functionality that had been promised.
Despite this, the game has received regular updates throughout the course of its existence and is currently held in high esteem. In 2018, No Man’s Sky was made available on the Xbox One, and in 2020, it was made available for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. The Nintendo Switch will be the one to finally receive its moment in the spotlight as a result of the game being ported to that system.

Sean Murray, one of the co-founders of Hello Games, expressed his delight in the project in a video. Players of No Man’s Sky who own a Nintendo Switch may look forward to enjoying the more than 15 significant upgrades that Hello Games has contributed to the game over the course of the last six years. According to a report by Kotaku, Sean Murray is especially pleased with the fact that the team was able to overcome the technical challenges in order to make this happen.

The Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky has full touch screen capabilities and can be played either docked or undocked on the system. At the time of launch, customers will have access to both digital and physical copies. Operating this space survival game on a less capable platform may result in some growing pains; however, Hello Games has been nothing but devoted to developing the game since its debut, so it is likely that any bugs will be smoothed out after the fact.

Susan Kowal
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