Nintendo Switch Now Sells Better Than PlayStation 5


A few years ago, it seemed impossible that any other console would sell better than the PlayStation series. Sony released the very first PlayStation console almost three decades ago, in 1994. Since those times, PlayStation gaming has become a solid worldwide phenomenon.

Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is a handheld console that came out in 2017. To everyone’s astonishment, the device rapidly became very popular. One of the reasons is obvious: Nintendo Switch is highly versatile, as you can use it either as a tablet or as a controller connected to your TV.

Nintendo Switch outsells PS5 in Europe for May 2023

In May 2023, the Nintendo Switch console dominated console sales in Europe, selling 371,758 units. The PlayStation 5 followed with 333,075 units sold, according to VGChartz. The Xbox Series X|S sold 120,155 units, reaching a lifetime total of 5.98 million units. The PlayStation 4 sold 3,272 units and accumulated a lifetime total of 45.84 million units.

Comparing sales to previous years, PlayStation 5 sales are down by roughly 11,000 units compared to the same month for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. In contrast, Xbox Series X|S sales are up by over 31,000 units compared to the same month for the Xbox One. For April 2016, the PlayStation 4 sold 343,930 units, and Xbox One sales were at 88,787 units.

For the year 2023 so far, statistics also show that the PlayStation 5 sold approximately 2.18 million units, the Nintendo Switch sold around 1.52 million units, and the Xbox Series X|S sold about 0.57 million units.

The Nintendo Switch is capable of local multiplayer gaming, allowing players to share Joy-Con controllers with friends for multiplayer experiences without having to buy and add additional hardware. This feature enhances social gaming and enables spontaneous multiplayer sessions. In other words, Switch is not only super portable – it’s also a fun console to use when you need to have a lot of fun during a weekend with your buddies.


Cristian Antonescu
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