Spotify’s Offline Mix is Coming Soon; Pros, Cons, and Features

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

It’s really cool that Spotify is experimenting with an offline mix option for when users have a poor internet connection, isn’t it?! This time around, Spotify has got your back even if you have a slow internet connection, so don’t worry about it. When your internet connection is not so good, the music streaming service will come up with something dubbed “Your Offline Mix” that will play some of your most recently played favorites even when you can’t access the internet. How cool!

On Twitter, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted a snapshot of what might be the brand-new UI for the Your Offline Mix feature. The duration of the playlist is also displayed on the screenshot. But there’s a catch! It is unclear whether this is the typical length of the playlist or not.

The new function has the potential to be a game-changer for passionate Spotify users as well as those who travel frequently or commute frequently. Just imagine how happy some users would be!

However, not every new feature that Spotify has introduced recently has been a home run. How so? For example, you won’t be able to stream music via the application if you lose your internet connection for any reason, whether you’re in the underground, on air, or just haven’t paid your fee to your internet service provider. The prior remedy included manually downloading individual songs, albums, or playlists. This might be a time-consuming procedure that does not always take into account the user’s ever-evolving musical preferences. But hey, we all experienced some bad times in the past.

According to The New York Times, Spotify has made the decision to let go of 200 people, which is totally shocking because it actually represents around 2% of its total employment. This decision was made despite the company’s high hopes for the success of its new feature. Let us keep our fingers crossed that better days are coming!

Georgia Nica
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