Nest Hub Sleep Sensing is Now Free – Check Out the Feature

Source: Google

We bet you didn’t see it coming, but Nest Hub Sleep Sensing is now free! Initially, Google announced that the Sleep Sensing feature would ultimately cost money back in March when the second-generation Nest Hub was introduced.

But now we can get the sleep tracking for one more year. Check out the feature below and learn more about it.

Huge Update: Nest Hub Sleep Sensing is Free

Right on the Nest Hub’s product page on the Google Store, you can read that the Sleep Sensing feature is “free through 2023.” That means more and more users can benefit from this functionality and get more insight into their sleep patterns. How cool!

Luckily, Google doesn’t stop there.

This news right here is going to be a delight for smartwatch users! In 2024, Google “plans to incorporate Sleep Sensing into Fitbit Premium.” Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

The tech giant is still keeping much of that under wraps, but one sleek feature would be mixing sleep data from the Nest Hub with the Pixel Watch and Fitbit devices or trackers (could you imagine that?!).

Google Fit previously made it possible for wrist-based heart rate data to be shown with other Nest Hub sleep statistics with the release of Health Connect last month. And it was a blast!

Do you know about Soli radar’s skills?

The accuracy of Soli radar-powered Sleep Sensing is on par with wrist-derived statistics, and it’s totally a hit!

You can quickly get in touch with information about your various sleep phases, including REM, Awake, Deep, and Light. And if you snored or couched throughout the course of the night, you’ll definitely know!

The Nest Hub is also capable of keeping track of other essential things, like changes in lighting or noises that could have woken you up. Unfortunately, we still don’t have that room temperature measurement we all need so much. But let’s hope we’ll see it shortly in the future!


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