MyShell Blockchain Platform For “AI Girlfriends” Raised $11 Million

It has been just reported that MyShell, which is a blockchain platform for building AI girlfriends and productivity apps, has just raised $11 million. Here are the latest reports about this below.

MyShell raises $11 million

MyShell, a decentralized AI platform based in Tokyo that allows users to create “AI girlfriends,” has raised $11 million in pre-series A funding for its AI app-building ecosystem.

MyShell has secured a new investment of $16.6 million.

The funding round was led by Dragonfly, with additional participation from Bankless Ventures, Delphi Ventures, Maven11 Capital, Nascent, Nomad Capital and OKX Ventures. Notable individual investors include Balaji Srinivasan, a crypto investor and thought leader, Illia Polosukhin from NEAR, and Casey K. Caruso from Paradigm.

MyShell is an AI ecosystem that supports the development and deployment of applications.

The company has recently secured new funds that will be used for further development of its open-source foundational model.

More than that, the funds will support the company’s community, which consists of over 1 million registered users and 50,000 creators. This statement was released by the company.

MyShell has open-sourced key parts of its codebase and leans on blockchain tools to assist with model training and creator royalties, aiming to distinguish itself from other AI platforms with its focus on decentralization.

Crypto will “uniquely enable” MyShell to “help creators and AI model researchers to monetize their work,” and blockchains will serve as the foundation for “a dedicated platform to trade, and own AI assets,” MyShell CEO Ethan Sun told CoinDesk in an email.

“These AI applications and models have the capability to ‘generate’ revenue, making them AI assets that could be tokenized, traded and owned to share ‘revenue stream,'” said Sun.

Sun reports that approximately 40% of community-generated content is related to AI girlfriends or companions.

However, the primary objective of MyShell is to equip developers with the tools to create personalized AI applications across a wide spectrum of categories, rather than solely concentrating on AI companions.

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