Motorola Edge (2022) Will Likely Have the Latest Dimensity Chipset

Source: Unsplash

Motorola wants to prove once again that it’s deep into creating high-quality phones even in 2022. The upcoming Motorola Edge (2022) will land later this year, and it already gives us reasons to be excited.

According to, a listing on Geekbench suggests that the upcoming Motorola phone will carry the latest Dimensity processor, known as Dimensity 1050. If the information is correct, Motorola Edge (2022) will be sporting an octa-core chipset featuring 2 x CPU cores ticking at 2.50GHz, as well as 6 x CPU cores at 2.0GHz.

On the Geekbench listing, the Motorola Edge (2022) model reached a single-core score of 745 and a multi-core score of 2142. The operating system will be Android 12, which was pretty expected. Most Android phones capable of running the latest edition of Google’s operating system for mobiles have already made the upgrade.

The same source tells us that the next Motorola phone will be sporting a Tesla motherboard and 8GB of RAM. We don’t see that high amount of RAM on most smartphones nowadays, that’s for sure. This leads us into believing even more that the upcoming gadget cannot be anything else but a flagship. RAM and processor are the most important parts in a smartphone, and seeing that a manufacturer insists upon them can only mean that something really big is coming.

Motorola already released its Edge 30 Pro smartphone back in March, and it’s another strong proof that the renowned company is up for impressive things this year. The gadget comes equipped with two versions of RAM: 8GB and 12GB. There’s also a main camera of 50MP, but the front camera is what takes the cake: it features 60MP! That’s enormous and practically the dream camera of any vlogger!

Perhaps it’s impossible to tell for the moment if Motorola Edge (2022) will be any better than Motorola Edge 30 Pro, but it’s sure worth hoping if that’s your desire!

Cristian Antonescu
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