Moon “Wobble” to Cause a Lot More Flooding In the Future: Are We in Danger?

Moon’s orbit is changing — the natural phenomenon is called the Moon “wobble”. It goes hand in hand with the sea levels rising that is caused by climate change. This could lead to flooding on our planet in the coming years.

A recent study has shown that the floodings will probably start in the 2030s and last about ten years. Back in 2019, the US had 600 floods caused by the high tides. Until 2030, that number will increase a lot. The flooding will come in clusters, and they are bound to last for about a month or even longer.

Are we in danger?

High tide flooding has less water, so it is less damaging than, for example, the floods caused by hurricanes. Phil Thompson, assistant professor at the University of Hawaii, stated: “If it floods 10 or 15 times a month, a business can’t keep operating with its parking lot underwater. People lose their jobs because they can’t get to work. Seeping cesspools become a public health issue.”

This Moon “wobble” is not something new. We have known about it since 1728, and it is part of an 18.6-year natural cycle. According to NASA, the first half of the cycle comes with the regular tides suppressed on Earth. But the second half comes with amplified tides. Right now, the moon is going through the second half of the cycle, and there is plenty of flooding along different coasts — a result of climate change. Scientists believe that the next time the moon gets on the second half of the circle, the consequences will be more severe.

As of now, researchers are looking for ways to prepare for stronger floodings in the future.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.