MNT Pocket Reform is the New Linux Mini Laptop That Will Catch Your Attention

Credit: MNT Research

The MNT Pocket Reform is the latest addition to the market of mini laptops, boasting a compact size of just 7 inches. Running on Linux, the laptop offers users an efficient and reliable platform to work on their projects. Additionally, this mini laptop has the capability of running some retro games, which is sure to bring back some nostalgic memories for some users.

The petite size of MNT Pocket Reform is ideal for on-the-go work, making it perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who values portability. The sleek and modern design of the laptop is simple yet elegant, giving users a stylish gadget to carry around with ease.

MNT Pocket Reform sells for $899

The price of the MNT Pocket Reform laptop is set at $899. Crowd Supply has recently revealed the launch of the portable device – a downsized variant of the MNT Reform laptop. CNX Software brings us details about the mini laptop. The device flaunts a petite 7-inch display and operates on an NXP i.MX8M Plus system-on-module. Apart from this, it is also compatible with other modules such as the NXP Layerscape LS1028A module, Pine64 SOQuartz, Raspberry Pi CM4, and an AMD Kintex-7 FGPA module, making it an adaptable device.

The MNT Pocket Reform is an open-source modular laptop and is equipped with a 128GB eMMC flash and 8GB RAM. It offers WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity on-module and comes with an optional 1TB NVMe SSD. A micro HDMI port for external display is also present in the mini laptop’s structure, along with several USB ports and Ethernet via an ix industrial connector.

Overall, the MNT Pocket Reform offers users an effective and versatile computing experience with the added bonus of retro gaming capabilities. Its small size and practical design make it an ideal choice for anyone who values convenience and productivity in their daily routine.

Cristian Antonescu
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