Microsoft Teams Up With AMD to Develop AI Processors


According to a report, Microsoft is now collaborating with AMD on an artificial intelligence processor with the working name Athena. As surprising as that could be, we somehow should start expecting such things considering that AI pretty much rules everything tech nowadays. On the other hand, seeing Microsoft teaming up with AMD is pretty interesting, don’t you think?! It’s also best because AMD currently supplies chips to Microsoft as well as other cloud services providers like Google and Oracle.

So, based on the report, AMD started to collaborate with the tech giant on this new artificial intelligence processor, and as a result, the chipmaker’s shares already increased as much as 12%. As for AMD’s stock, that increased by 6%.

A reason why Microsoft decided to join forces with AMD is that in the last few months, the need for AI-capable silicon has increased more than ever. Another thing includes the requirement of chips to execute such programs that make use of ChatGPT’s GPT-4 big language model. Comprehensive language bars are a subset of generative AI techniques that can smoothly come up with some sleek text-based content in response to user input.

What are your thoughts so far about generative AI tools and AI as a form of existence in the social ‘playgroun?’

For instance, Amazon and Alphabet, aka two of Microsoft’s main rivals, each have their own specialized processors that programmers can use to train models. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Apparently, seeing Microsoft follow this way is somehow obvious.

However, the tech giant has not yet made a dedicated AI processor available. That’s where its recent collab with AMD truly shines! The one being developed with AMD goes by quite the code name, Athena, and it will feature a myriad of stuff. For example, it will be able to train models and draw conclusions from new data, as per a Bloomberg report.

Georgia Nica
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