Major iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Problems – What Does Apple Say?

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Bad news for iPhone fans: Apple confirmed additional iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max issues. A strange problem with smartphones is causing horizontal lines to flash across their displays. The tech giant has finally acknowledged the problem and stated that a patch is being developed. Will this be enough to fix the issue?

Read out below all the details we’ve got so far about the iPhone 14 Pro series’ display bug.

iPhone 14 Pro Series Upsets Fans With Major Display Problem

In a recent memo seen by MacRumors, Apple explained that iPhone 14 Pro users deal with quite the problem, where they experience horizontal lines flashing across their screen when they power their device or unlock it.

So, what should we expect?

In that memo, Apple claimed that it was “aware of the problem and a software update is coming shortly that will remedy the issue,” therefore ruling out any possibility that the product had a hardware defect that led to a recall. But when will that be released, and how much will it downgrade the iPhone experience for users?

Nobody knows yet.

Obviously, we expect a 16.3 update, which is right now in beta testing. But then again, we could get anything from Apple at a particular time. Prior to release, Apple normally makes available four to six beta versions as well as a “Release Candidate.” As a result, iOS 16.3 should be released by the end of February. However, if there’s something to help the situation, it should be iOS 16.2.1.

The iPhone 14 Pro series has got other issues we can’t just ignore. For example, shaking camera lenses, CarPlay bugs, iMessage and FaceTime activation issues, lock screen and Dynamic Island glitches, data migration and iCloud bugs, random restarts, and finally, excessive battery drain.

Let’s hope Apple comes up with a solution quickly to upgrade the iPhone 14 Pro experience!

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