Lucifer Season 7: Will The Show Receive Another Season?

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Despite having a rocky start in terms of both its termination and its popularity, Lucifer managed to achieve a significant amount of popularity throughout the course of its several seasons. It was cherished by a great number of fans of the program, and there is a significant amount of anticipation for the release of Lucifer Season 7.

Lucifer, the popular urban fantasy program, had quite a challenging beginning before it received consistently outstanding praise and developed a cult reputation during its entire six-year existence.

How many seasons are there?

At this time, viewers may access all six seasons of the show Lucifer. Fox broadcast the show’s first three seasons in the United States. The first season was met with a variety of critical reactions, and despite the fact that both seasons 2 and 3 were met with more positive reviews, Fox decided to discontinue the show following the conclusion of the third season. When it looked that the program had come to an end for good, the first three seasons were later made available on Amazon Prime Video for a while.

After then, Netflix decided to order an additional two seasons of Lucifer, which coincided with the show’s meteoric rise in popularity. Netflix had originally intended to discontinue the series after the fifth season, but they have now announced that there would be a sixth season. It was by far the most watched original streaming program on Netflix in 2021, and it finished the year atop the rankings in the number one position overall. This corresponds to a total of 18.34 billion minutes spent watching content as a collective whole.

Season 7

As season 6 of Lucifer will be the program’s last installment, there are currently no plans for a season 7 of the show. Netflix (opens in new tab) made the announcement that season 6 will be the series’ last installment in September 2021. Netflix users may catch up on any season at their convenience right now. Up until May of this year, seasons 1-3 were exclusively accessible on Amazon Prime Video. Despite this, the last episode of season 6 will not be released until 2021, after which all episodes of the series will be accessible to view on Netflix.

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