League of Legends Patch 11.12: The S Tier List to Climb in Season 11

The following S-tier lists will help League of Legends players secure some sweet wins and climb in ranks. With so many choices listed below, it’s impossible to find your favourite champion and master it. Solo Queue is a very strange place, but choosing one of the champions in these S-tier lists might make things easier for you.

How do you choose a champion for your main role? While champions listed under „easy difficulty” are easier to master, as you climb in ranked games, they may have some weaknesses that are easier to be exposed. Champions listed under „hard difficulty” or „severe difficulty” are more likely to perform better in higher elos and as long as you invest time in mastering them, they’ll be as viable as in normal elos.

Let’s check out all the champions in the S-tiers for top, mid, bot lanes and jungle.

S Tier — Top Lane

The very best champions you should aim to play in solo queue in patch 11.12 on the top lane are the champions ranked below:

Easy difficulty: Nasus, Garen, Wukong

Average difficulty: Mordekaiser, Sett, Shen, Urgot

Hard difficulty: Fiora, Ornn, Kled

Severe difficulty: Camille, Riven

If you master one of these champions on your top lane and in late game, then it’s going to be an easy win.

  • As for what makes Camille the most difficult choice in the top, but also one of the best champions is not only her kit, but also the buff to Divine Sunderer. Not only she gets a lot of sustain, but also buffs her Q. Even if it seems like you’re falling behind in the lane, you can still make a comeback. And if you’re ahead of your opponent, then the game is yours.

Bonus: High Elo

From the above list, in high elo, Camille, Riven, and Wukong are some of the champions that are chosen for the top lane.

  • One of the best choices is Gwen, who is strong as soon as she gets on the lane. As for teamfights, she’s your frontline, and with a 45% winrate, we are pretty sure she is going to bring you an advantage against your opponents.

S Tier — Jungle

If your main role is jungle, then there’s a lot easier to master champions, with Shaco being the most complicated one.

Easy difficulty: Warwick, Zac, Amumu, Diana, Volibear, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Master Yi

Average difficulty: Fiddlesticks

Hard difficulty: Shaco

  • Let’s talk a bit about Master Yi and his comeback in the S tier list. He’s on fire, all thanks to the buff to his on-hit damage. With a Duskblade of Draktharr, The Collector, Essence Reaver, Lord Dominik’s Regards and an IE, he is unstoppable. However, as a rule of thumb, do not go 1v5. You may be in God tier, but you are not an actual God!

Bonus: High Elo

In high elo we see champions like Shaco, Fiddlesticks, and Xin Zhao in the jungle.

  • A very good choice in high elo is Zac, now that the items work great for him (Thronmail and Abyssal Mask), making him not just tanky, but also helping him deal more damage. After level 5, his ganks will definitely make your opponents cry. Just make sure you successfully clear your jungle by level 5.

S Tier — Mid Lane

The mid lane is as diverse as we’d want it to be, wi

th a bunch of mages, assassins or fighters to choose from.

Easy difficulty: Lux, Diana, Annie, Malzahar

Average difficulty: Ahri, Sett

Hard difficulty: Yone, Xerath, Rumble

Severe difficulty: Yasuo, Katarina

  • As a difficult champion to get around, Rumble is still a very good choice in the midlane. If you choose him against mages or ADCs that have low escape chances, they are toast when it comes to your ultimate. Even though your damage is high before reaching level 6, it is your ultimate that will turn most 5v5s into your team’s favour.

Bonus: High Elo

In high elo we have Katarina, Ahri, Yone and Rumble among the champions in the S tier.

  • We also have Qiyana in mid lane, a great choice if you like to roam and secure some early kills. Your mid lane opponent won’t have the guts to follow you on the river, and the midgame can be easily won thanks to the Prowler’s Claw.

S Tier — Bot Lane — ADC and Support

The S tier in the bot lane looks great this patch as well, with all the usual suspects — marksmen and an occasional mage here and there:

Easy difficulty: Ashe, Sivir, Ziggs, Miss Fortune

Average difficulty: Kog’Maw, Swain, Jhin

Hard difficulty: Vayne

  • Jhin with Galeforce is insane, his scaling is amazing, being able to two-shot any target. What else makes him a great choice in the bot lane? Well, he’s going to do all that damage from a safe distance and dominate the bot lane.

Bonus: High Elo

We see Vayne and Kog’Maw in high elo in the S tier.

  • Ezreal is also a great choice in the bot lane, as he’s making a comeback in high elo. His base armor got a good buff and getting Divine Sunderer is a no-brainer. He has a 47% win-rate, and with that build, you’re not just dealing a ton of damage, but also get to survive delicate encounters thanks to the Frozen Heart.

Meanwhile, in the role of supports we do see enough choices that would perfectly synergize with the ADCs we just mentioned.

Easy difficulty: Brand, Janna, Zyra, Soraka, Nami, Sona, Leona

Average difficulty: Lulu, Zilean

Hard difficulty: Xerath

  • Getting Zyra with Jhin on the bot lane will definitely be the right choice and a nightmare for your opponents. Increased slows, lower cd for her seeds and just being oppressive, Zyra will make sure to keep her enemies under their turrets.

Bonus: High Elo

One of the support champion chosen in high elo that is in the S tier is Lulu.

Another great support in high elo is Senna, with Divine Sunderer, which can be procced with your Q. Add the Black Cleaver to amplify the damage. With over 49% win-rate, she’s doing just great in that S tier.

Now that you have seen all the possible choices, we are sure you will find at least one or two favourite champions that will secure those wins and help you escape elo hell and reach higher a elo.