Latvia Goes into lockdown for almost a month

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The Baltic country confirmed yesterday that vaccinated and unvaccinated residents would have to follow lockdown rules for almost one month. The lockdown began today, and it will end on November 15. In the past, the Baltic state managed the Covid-19 virus, and the international press often used the country as a positive example. 

Unfortunately, the newest Covid-19 wave has severely impacted several European countries, including many Eastern European countries and even the U.K. The surge of daily new cases comes at the same time as the cold season. During the cold season, other seasonal viruses such as influenza cause more hospitalizations than usual. 

The Latvian Prime Minister explained his decision

According to the Latvian Prime Minister, Krišjānis Kariņš declared that the surge of daily Covid-19 cases is due to the low vaccination rate in the country. Hospitals are in danger of collapsing, and the vaccination rate is only 57%. The Prime Minister mentioned that the lockdown is unfortunate for those vaccinated, who are not to blame for the situation. However, only those working in manufacturing, construction, and essential jobs will be allowed to work outside their houses.

What are the new restrictions during the lockdown?

For those in Latvia, there will be no live entertainment until November 15. There is a curfew, and only those with a good reason can leave the house without a self-certification form between 20:00 and 05:00 hours. Professional sports matches will be allowed, but it goes without saying that they will take place without supporters. Only people from the same household can meet up, and if a person living alone needs help, then visits are allowed. Parents and children living in separate households can still meet.

Restaurants can only serve takeaway during the lockdown, and pharmacies and gas stations will be open 24 hours. However, stores selling essential goods, such as supermarkets, will remain open from 06:00 to 19:00 hours. Schools will remain closed in Latvia until the end of October, but kindergartens will remain open for the children of essential workers. There are many other restrictions, and it is essential to double-check them all before leaving the house. 


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