James Cameron Admtis Some Details About Titanic

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James Cameron, the Titanic director, finally admitted that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack might’ve lived at the film’s end. Rolling Stone reported Thursday that the titular ocean liner crashed into an iceberg and sank, an obsessive 25 years old fan theory.

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Here Are Some Key Facts

Cameron participated in a National Geographic special, Titanic: 25 Years Later With James Cameron, to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary. Stunt actors performed three scientific tests to find if Jack could fit on a makeshift raft along with Rose, which saved her life. One of the tests was successful. The stunt actors the same size as DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who played Rose went through in the movie before they got off the sinking ship. One episode from Variety and Rolling Stone said that before balancing on the raft with only the lower parts of their bodies submerged. 

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The director had the Rose stunt actor give her life jacket to Jack, but this scene does not happen in the film.

Here is what Cameron said about this situation:

If this had happened, Jack would have been “stabilized” and “got into a place where if we projected that out, he just might’ve made it until the lifeboat got there.

Also, the character would not allow this to happen. The stunt actors tested out one theory that both Jack and Rose could have lived. In the meantime, another approach is that only the upper bodies were positioned on the raft above the water. Cameron said that Jack could have lasted for hours that way, but he considered how tired the characters would be after getting off the boat, and both of them would suffer.

The final verdict is that Jack might have lived, but based on the situation, the raft will be smaller, so there is no doubt.

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