iPhone 15 (Pro): New Reports Reveal The Release Date

Credit: Apple

Since its release in September 2017, the iPhone 14 has already aged by a quarter of a year. More rumors regarding the iPhone 15 have surfaced as the new year has begun. One of the most recent is the one that discusses the iPhone 15’s expected release date and technical specifications (Plus).

The same expert who predicted the low-cost AirPods SE headphones has now reported on the development of the iPhone 15. Apple is reportedly giving the non-pro iPhone 15 pair the same 48 MP primary camera sensor as the iPhone 14 Pro, as reported by analyst Jeff Pu. He also said that the LiDAR as well as telephoto camera would still be absent from the standard iPhones and would be reserved for the Pro models.

Meanwhile, the leaker thinks Apple’s A16 Bionic chipset is being used in the iPhone 15 (Plus). The A17 Bionic, however, is, predictably, designated for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. The latter is expected to take the place of the Pro Max and is supposed to include a 12 MP periscope sensor with 6x lossless zoom. Although the Dynamic Island wasn’t mentioned, it was believed that Apple will change the design of this year’s base iPhone models. In this scenario, the front ends of the vehicles will share few cues of differentiation among themselves, but the rear ends of vehicles in various series may continue to be easily distinguishable. Additionally, the premium iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have a titanium casing and solid-state buttons..

 Launch date

The rumored release date is another important piece of new information. Based on the analyst’s forecast, all models in the iPhone 15 series should be released on the market by September 23. This suggests that the actual release date might be a week or two sooner than the date specified. A decrease in the iPhone 15’s starting price has also been rumored (Plus).

With Apple planning to improve the regular iPhones with a Dynamic Island display and a better camera, how likely are you to switch to the newest model? Drop your thoughts in the box below.

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