iPhone 14 Pro Max Will Likely Cost a High Amount of Money – Check Out Possible Specs and Prices

Credit: 9to5mac

Apple releases the iPhone 14 flagship lineup in a few months, and we surely can’t expect either of the models to be as cheap as chips. Judging by the info we have until now, the lineup will contain four models, and all of them are worthy of attention.

The Anthony (@The Galox_) leaker reveals the supposed prices of Apple’s upcoming lineup via some recent tweets, and they will start at $799. That’s a fair price if you ask us, but the demanded amounts are going up significantly in the case of the 1TB variant of the iPhone 14 Pro Max model.

iPhone 14 Pro Max costs $1199

iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the most expensive, as its price is set at $1199. However, we all have to admit that the specsheet is pretty impressive. The phone will be capable of some impressive processing speeds thanks to the new A16 Bionic chipset. There’s also a huge 6.7-inches AMOLED display that sports a refresh rate of 120Hz. 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage space might sound exaggerated for most people when they see such specs on a smartphone, but hey, it’s 2022 out there!

Other highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are represented by the FaceID feature, the 4,323mAh battery, and the Always on Display function.

However, only time will tell for sure what to expect from the iPhone 14 lineup. Recently, we shared the information that the iPhone 14 Max model will actually have the moniker of the iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple keeps being very active in the hardware field, and that’s where the South-Korean giant seems to be doing its best. Apple is also expected to release its upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 on the same day as the iPhone 14 lineup. There’s info online claiming that the upcoming smartwatch will even be capable of telling the user if he has a fever.

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