iPhone 14 Plus Receives a Massive Price Cut of Over $500 for Black Friday


Since Apple released the new iPhone 14 lineup back in September, it’s fair to say that the new flagship devices have been selling like hotcakes. One of the new iPhones from Apple’s lineup is the iPhone 14 Plus, and although it hasn’t been getting so much love as the other iPhones of the lineup, it’s still a device that’s worth buying.

Here’s another strong argument why you should consider grabbing the new iPhone 14 Plus: Black Friday deals have made it possible for the device to be purchasable for just $360. It’s indeed a huge discount, considering that the iPhone 14 Plus usually costs $899.

Benefit from the new discount via Verizon!

Verizon is the carrier offering the incredible offer of purchasing the iPhone 14 Plus at the insanely low price. The move wasn’t unexpected, however, considering that a lot of carriers are offering discounts for premium phones at this time of the year.

Once you find the product in question at Verizon, you can see that purchasing it will cost you $10 per month. You have 36 months at your disposal to pay for the iPhone 14 Plus fully. Doing a little math, it means that the new iPhone 14 Plus is available at a total cost of just 360 bucks!

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone 14 Plus is that it doesn’t feature the newest flagship processor from Apple, the A16 Bionic. Two of the new iPhone 14 variants are equipped with it: the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But even so, iPhone 14 Plus features the A15 Bionic chipset, which was Apple’s flagship chipset for last year after it was introduced for the iPhone 13 lineup. It may be hard to tell the differences between A15 and A16 while you’re using iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Apple will most probably release another flagship iPhone in 2023, and it’s anybody’s guess at this point what it will be capable of.


Cristian Antonescu
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