iPhone 13 Leaks And Rumors – Apple Is Spilling Its Secrets!?

The upcoming iPhone (usually referred to as iPhone 13) didn’t get introduced during WWDC 2021, but we’ve seen a preview of the upcoming iOS 15 via a developer beta, which provides some vital information regarding the device’s new feature.


Apart from software, we’ve seen numerous rumours regarding the device’s colour options.

The very first leak that took the world by surprise was that of a pink iPhone.

Then it was the sleek, matte black colour variant, as EverythingApplePro reported on Youtube, thanks to information from the reputable leaker Max Weinbach.


A rumour from Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, earlier this month claims that the iPhone 13 lineup would be equipped with larger batteries than the current models.

These are the rumored specifications:

However, a bigger battery doesn’t necessarily translate to a better autonomy.

Still, when you look at the numbers, you immediately see that the battery sizes are all upgrades over the iPhone 12’s standard capacities, though Apple never officially disclosed them.

Release Date

Obviously, there is no official release date for the upcoming iPhone lineup.

However, an April report suggests that the production of iPhone chips was already ahead of schedule, meaning that the release timeline may be reaching pre-pandemic parameters.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous Apple expert, forecasted that this year should be a typical year for the Apple supply chain, meaning that we should expect the device to be announced sometime in September.

Also, Apple releases typically new devices one week and a half after they announce them, so we should see the iPhone 13 lineup launched in September or early October.

Tonia Nissen
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