Internet Explorer Will Live On As A Microsoft Edge Mode

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been discontinued after 25 years of service, marking the end of an era. Microsoft has declared that it would be steering people to its Edge browser, despite the prevalence of Internet Explorer-related memes.

Microsoft Edge Enterprise General Manager Sean Lyndersay admits in a blog post that Internet Explorer has fallen behind the times. Because of its strange behavior and lack of updated browser safety, the service has a rep for being from a bygone age.

It’s hardly a surprise that Microsoft is promoting Edge, its web browser for Windows 10 and Xbox One, which was released in early 2015. Since then, the browser has been ported to several operating systems, including Android and iOS. However, bear in mind that it hasn’t fully met Microsoft’s expectations. Chrome, from Google, continues to be the most popular browser, followed by Safari, from Apple.

Internet Explorer will be available on Microsoft Edge

According to the blog post, Microsoft Edge will have an Internet Explorer mode. Allows users to access sites that are only enabled by Explorer, such as ActiveX controls and other features that are only available on the Explorer browser. Microsoft Edge with IE mode will gradually replace Internet Explorer over the next several months, according to a blog post.

However, the Internet Explorer icon will continue to appear on the user’s device, but clicking on it opens Edge. As part of the upcoming Windows Update, Internet Explorer will be permanently deactivated, removing the Internet Explorer icon from customers’ computers. In the event that this does occur, user data like as passwords, bookmarks, and preferences will be transferred to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s statement, it includes all of the supported Windows 10 editions, including Home, Pro, Enterprise, EDU, and IoT. Windows 11 no longer includes Internet Explorer. Over the following several months, users will gradually be transferred from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge on all of these devices. At least until 2029, Microsoft has pledged to maintain IE mode in Microsoft Edge.

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