Innocent Uber Driver is Fatally Shot by an 81 Year Old Man

Photo by Viktor Avdeev on Unsplash

A man from Ohio fatally shot an Uber driver because he thought she was trying to scam him. William Brock, 81, received scam calls from someone who began making threats and demanding money. Loletha Hall, 61, who was an Uber driver, had been told to get back a package from the man’s house. It is assumed that she got the message from the same scammer.

Hall’s arrival to the house

The moment Hall arrived at the house and got out of the car, Brock pulled out a gun and demanded to tell him who called him. Also, he took her phone so she could not call anyone and would not let her go. The man did not try to call the police before confronting the driver with the gun. Eventually, Hall tried to run to her car, but then Brock shot her once. Authorities said he shot her two more times after that as they discussed the situation. After the third shot, he called 911, and somehow, he had a minor ear and head injury. The incident was caught on the car’s dashcam.

Hall’s death

Loletha Hall was taken to a hospital, but she died later because of her bleeding wounds.

The aftermath

William Brock was initially charged with murder because authorities said that he was not in danger when Hall was shot. On Monday(22.04), Brock has his next court hearing. Police are still trying to find the individual who placed the scam call. Also, Uber had spoken with Hall’s family and had banned the account that had made the call for her to pick up the package.

The event is definitely a tragic situation we all cannot ignore. All the positive thoughts and support should be expressed towards the family of the victim. Such things should also make us realize how precious life actually is.