Incredible New Hubble Space Telescope Image Reveals Intergalactic Link

Credit: NASA

Caverns of blackness in our cosmos are frequently alleviated by glimmers of light. This is because there are both empty space surrounding bustling, bursting nebulas and black holes that consume stars that are on the smaller side. One of the most recent photographs obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope reveals a striking example of this kind of artistic contrast.

The organization shared an otherworldly glimpse of galactic triplet Arp 248 with the public a week ago. This galactic triplet is also known as Wild’s Triplet, after the person who discovered it as well as the incredibly spectacular nature of the spectacle itself.

Two of the three galaxies that may be seen in the front of space’s nothingness can be seen in this flawless photograph. They appear to be made of overly hydrated watercolor paint and flow into each other, creating what I can only describe as an intergalactic bridge. A third realm that is not connected to the others looms in the background, cloaked in sparkles that are deceptively small but actually symbolize a cosmic lifetime’s worth of even more galaxies dispersed across the cosmos.

What is particularly mind-boggling about this image is that from Hubble’s vantage point — which is in Earth’s orbit, some 200 million light-years away — the three galaxies are small enough to fit on our computer screens. This is a distance that is approximately equivalent to the distance between Earth and the sun. In point of fact, these worlds span an incredible number of light years and contain an incredible number of suns that are carbon copies of our own, exoplanets that are analogous to the eight planets in our solar system.

It is in fact due to their weighty contents that the two enormous spirals that are the focal point of this picture are connected by a glowing bridge in the first place. Both of them are able to harness extremely powerful gravitational forces, and as a result, they are pulling on each other as if they were playing a game of gentle tug of war. As a result, they have unintentionally produced what is known as a tidal tail, which is an extended river of stars.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.