Here’s How You Can Remove Your Personal Information From Google in No Time


Google is working to make it simpler for users to locate and remove unwanted personal information that may come up in a search. That is so awesome, right?! The tech giant showcased new privacy-focused tools and services that are intended to assist users in better protecting their personal information and even erasing it entirely. Your personal information may be removed from Google in a very short amount of time, and here’s how!

Access the dashboard “Results about you”

You may access the dashboard by heading to the Results about you site on the web, or you can access it from the Google mobile app by pressing your account photo and selecting Results about you. Do a search on Google for your name once you have reached that point. Include your city as well as your state in the search so that you can reduce the results.

If a search brings up your phone number, email address, or physical address, you may ask Google to delete the data by selecting the delete result option from the menu that appears when you click or press the symbol with three dots. And there’s more!

You may also check the status of your requests by going to the dashboard, which will display all of your requests, including those that are pending, those that have been refused, those that have been authorized, and those that have not yet been completed. Next, choose the reason(s) for which you wish to have the data erased. Continue through the next stages, and then send your request to Google when you’re done.

Explicit photos can now be blurred

Google has also introduced a function that is designed to hide violent or adult-oriented content from search results. This option may be found in Google Image Search. These kinds of photos will now be obscured thanks to an update made to the SafeSearch feature offered by the corporation. You are possible to make adjustments to the blur setting, which will keep the blurring on by default but allow you to turn it off.

Georgia Nica
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