Facemasks Are Back for a School in Michigan After COVID Cases Grew

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Getting children to wear facemasks in schools to keep them protected from COVID was seen as an exaggerated measure at first. Parents protested, but in vain. Medical experts see facemasks as necessary, and we’re not here to blame them.

According to mlive.com, a school from the Ann Arbor city in the US state of Michigan is now facing classes that are canceled and facemasks that are reinstated.

COVID cases rise again

There’s a new rise in the number of COVID cases. More teachers but also more students from the area have tested positive for the coronavirus. This caused the A K-8 school from Ann Arbor to cancel classes for those students who are academically gifted.

As teachers tested positive for COVID, many of them needed to quarantine. While there aren’t enough teachers available for the school, it’s obvious why the classes cannot be held anymore.

Emerson Interim Head of School Ed Hollinger stated as mlive.com quotes:

Basically it’s a matter of precaution,

We did have a little bit of an uptick in our staff who tested positive and we’re just having a hard time finding substitutes to fill classes. We think we can staff everything effectively the rest of the week.

Speaking about wearing facemasks to protect you against COVID, here’s what the World Health Organization (WHO) had to say via their website:

Wearing well-fitted masks should be used as part of a comprehensive ‘Do it all!’ approach including maintaining physical distancing, avoiding crowded, closed and close-contact settings, ensuring good ventilation of indoor spaces, cleaning hands regularly, and covering sneezes and coughs with a tissue of bent elbow.

Let us know in the comment section how willing you would be to wear a facemask today, regardless of where you work!

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