‘Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions’ Gameplay Leaked Despite Playtester Signing NDA


Gameplay footage from Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions appears to have leaked online for the first time.

About a month ago, WB Games revealed that they were working on a new Harry Potter game that would be completely based on the wizarding world sport of Quidditch.

Since making that declaration, WB Games has been conducting private playtesting of Quidditch Champions with a small group of participants.

Now, one of these players appears to have revealed information about the actual gameplay of Quidditch Champions.

The playtester provided eager fans online with a glimpse at the title in a number of videos that started appearing on the official Quidditch Champions subreddit.

Flight (Gameplay)
by u/No_Nerve7020 in QuidditchChampionsWB

In-depth looks at the controls, snippets from different Quidditch matches, and even a preliminary rendering of character customization were all included in these clips, much to the excitement of fans.

The gameplay from Quidditch Champions has not yet been officially demonstrated by WB Games, so these clips are the first examples of the game’s action gamers not involved in playtesting have seen.

The main issue with this Quidditch Champions gameplay video is that it was not intended to be generated this way.

In fact, the person who leaked this Quidditch Champions gameplay appeared to believe they were free to stream the gameplay in spite of being bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

As you can imagine, this means that the people at WB Games didn’t want this to happen, and that the leaker is going to be in a lot of trouble.

The official launch schedule for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is currently unknown.

The game is getting developed for both consoles and PC, according to WB Games, but no specific release date has been disclosed.

But as these playtests go on in the coming weeks and months, we should start learning more about when the game might be made accessible to play.

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