GTA 6 Official Trailer FINALLY ARRIVES and Reveals the Release Year – WATCH NOW!

Credit: Rockstar Games

Ladies and gentlemen, dear boys and girls, it’s finally time to watch the long-awaited trailer for GTA 6! As we’d expected, Rockstar finally revealed the official trailer for the most anticipated game in history. The graphics and the NPCs look amazingly well done, as they create an environment that looks too good for the gaming industry.

Sources indicate that at least for its first year when GTA 6 comes out, the game will be available only for consoles. It’s understandable why, once you watch even a few seconds of the trailer: the graphics and gameplay elements are too much for many PCs to handle. The system requirements will definitely be insane, as you will seriously have to invest in the upgrade of your hardware components if you are willing to play this game on PC when and if it becomes available for that platform.

GTA 6 launches in 2025

GTA 6 seems to have two protagonist characters: a guy and his girlfriend. They both seem to be Mexican judging from their skin tone, and they sure are the kind of fellows who enjoy a lot of action in their lives.

Rockstar Games released the official GTA 6 trailer earlier than expected, and it happened because the footage got leaked from another source. As a result, Rockstar decided to release the trailer themselves, so here we have it:

If we remember how GTA 5 was received 10 years ago, we can remind ourselves that the game was initially released for an Xbox console. A few years later, it was adapted for PC gamers as well. In other words, maybe the same strategy will be applied in the case of GTA 6 as well.

There is still plenty of time left until we find out what Rockstar is truly planning in the case of GTA 6. As for now, let’s take a moment to be happy and grateful that the gaming world will soon reach such impressive standards, as we can see in the official GTA 6 trailer!

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