Google Weather Update Adds Material You Redesign and It’s Incredible

Credit: 9to5Google

Great news for Android and Google Weather users: an update will soon roll out! Back in 2021, we were introduced to Google Material Themes. These cool themes were actually used in the makeover of the Android Weather app, which happened to be released at the same time that other first-party applications began to receive Material You. Using Material You sleek features, Google Weather will soon get a makeover, too.

What new Google Weather features to expect?

First things first, the major stuff: three main tabs (Today, Tomorrow, and 10 days) are now available in the Google Weather app. The best thing about such a feature is that you may now navigate from now on through those timelines to learn more about the weather in your region. Quite impressive this forecast is, we may add! Each screen also intends to give a high-level overview, even if you hurry and want to see everything in a glimpse.

Check out below the new design of Google Weather:

Credit: 9to5Google

It appears that this redesign makes use of a single primary stream. It smoothly begins with a pill-shaped search bar that identifies the current location. “Now” is displayed below with the current temperature, high/low, weather, and feels like. This is beautifully shown on top of a wide depiction of Froggy that is relatively under-detailed. How cool is that?!

And there’s more.

You can also scroll through the “Hourly forecast” section before receiving a “10-day forecast” with high/low values. Tapping on each one will offer you details about different statistics like sunrise, sunset, or wind and speed. The way everything was organized make it somewhat similar to the Wear OS Weather app, which is already pretty amazing! It’s actually nice to see all at once and to switch to a single stream. Soon, it should also work on a big screen.

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